Poem For Washington Savage

Washington Savage

Musician, Writer, Friend and a Very Beautiful Soul ..

Sunrise, December 4, 1963 - Sunset, April 30, 2009

Poem For Washington, by Lynn Mantle

Calling all angels,

I've a message to send

To a friend who's time here

has come to an end

He left before I could tell him

just how much I care

Now the weight of this message

seems too great to bear

I'm in need of assistance,

an angelic hand,

this pain in my heart

is more than I can stand

Please tell him that I love him,

that I'll miss him every day,

that none can touch my heart

like his special way

Angels, help me through the hurt,

carry all the pain you can

Leave only loving memories

shared between good friends


I love you Wash, Lynn xx

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