A beautiful Light Has gone out..

My very dear, long time friend Kenny MacLean has passed away. Kenny was immensely talented and was truly a free spirit. He saw the good in everyone and always chose to focus on the positive in all aspects of life and the human condition. I send light & love to his family and everyone, who like myself, are still coming to terms with this tragic loss. A brilliant light went out when Kenny left us - a beautiful light is now being created in our sharing the gifts he so generously bestowed on all of us. When we look inside ourselves for those qualities he was in such abundance of and try to share these feelings of; generousity, kindness, pure joy, child-like curiousity, humour, love and a zest for life; we are truly keeping Kenny's spirit alive. A Memory Book is being created for the MacLean Family. It will be given to them on January 9th, the anniversary of Kenny's birth. Please submit pictures, stories and condolences to me by December 31st for inclusion in the memory book. Submissions may be sent via email to: lm@lynnmantle.com via facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=55567086096 Or bring photo's and stories to the Tribute concert on December 19th at the Mod Club. You can also write something there if you have not already. Bright Blessings to all, Lynn xx

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